Traveling To Seinäjoki

The City of Seinäjoki :

Seinäjoki is the capital of the Southern Ostrobothnia, one of the 19 Finland's regions, which is located in the west.


It is the 17th most populated city in Finland, with more than 60 000 inhabitants, and its urban area, formed by 9 municipalities, has a population of 150 000.


Seinäjoki emerged in 1798 from iron and gunpowder factories, and it became a municipality in 1868, and a town in 1960.


Since then it has continued to grow by merging with other neighbouring municipalities, the lastest being in 2009.

Culture and Sights in Seinäjoki :

But Seinäjoki is well known for its numerous yearly music festivals as Provinssirock, one of the biggest rock festival in Finland, or the tango festival Tangomarkkinat.

If you want to practice some sports, you will certainly find what you are looking for among the 60 clubs and sports associations that Seinäjoki offers.


From local ice sports such as hockey and Joupiska ski club in the city to Martial Arts, Water and Motor sports, there is one for everyone's taste.​

The architecture of Seinajoki is very diverse. The contrast between the new Aalto center designed by architect Alvar Aalto and the other buildings will definitely captivate more than one.

Many other events, concerts, or smaller festivals also take place frequently near or in the city, bringing together the people of the region.


The Seinäjoki Areena is one of the city many places where you need to be if you have some interests in watching several sports, events and seeing various exhibitions.

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences aka SeAMK :

Consisting of 4 faculties distributed on 3 campuses, SeAMK is an institution of higher education providing studies in different fields such as:

- Business and Culture;

- Food and Agriculture;

- Health Care and Social Work;

- Technology.


With more than 5000 full-time students and 400 staff, Seinäjoki University also shows a great interest to internationalisation.


Indeed, since its establishment in 1992, SeAMK has developed 150 universities partnerships in Europe, and 30 in the rest of the world.

School of Technology:​

This is the SeAMK faculty where we'll be studying for 3 months. It was founded in 1967, merged with SeAMK in 1992, and it counts now 1200 students.


Bachelor programmes such as Automation Engineering, Construction Engineering, Mechanical and Production Engineering, or Information Technology can be studied there.


Master degrees of Construction Engineering or Technology Competence Management are also proposed.

Accommodations in Seinäjoki:

If you're planning to study in SeAMK, the Marttilan Kortteeri organization can help you to find proper accommodation.


It offers many students apartments of various sizes (from one room flat to four rooms) among several modern residences located near the university.


The flats are equipped with everything you might need, and the average rent is 300 to 400 Euros per month.


If you're only visiting Seinajoki, you can spend your nights in one of the many hotels there are in the city.


More info about Marttilan Korterri

Top deals:

If you don't have any international mobile package, you can buy cheap prepaid cards to have access to datas, messages, and calls. They can be found in every R-Kioski stores in Finland.


It's advise to ask for a student card to get access to plenty reductions and low prices, especially for travelling.


How to get there:​

There are many ways to travel from Helsinki to Seinajoki. The easiest is by train, with the company VR which offers many time slots per day.


But the cheaper is by booking an OnniBus ticket for less than 10 euros. Bus and trains will drop you off near the center of Seinäjoki, so you can reach easily your final destination by taking public transports.


Note that there is an airport in Seinäjoki, but the connections with Helsinki are infrequent, and its access is difficult as it is located 10 kilometers away from Seinäjoki city center.

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Research Topics To Work On In Seinäjoki

Here are four topics we’ll be working on once in Seinäjoki, as part of our blog project.


For the first topic, which is cultural, we decided to work on the Finnish gastronomy, by going to local restaurants to experience the typical Finnish courses and culinary habits.


The objective of the second topic will be to discover the main practiced sports in Finland, by going to the different sport events taking place in Seinäjoki.


The third topic will focus on the economy, particularly on the jobs which require working outside (for instance in the construction industry sector), as the climate and the daytime vary a lot depending on the seasons.


The fourth topic will be related to the different habits and customs of the locals that would have astonish and surprised us during our trip.

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